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Welcome to Chełmża's Municipality site


Mayor of Chełmża Mr. Jerzy Czerwiński



CHEŁMŻA, One of oldest city of the Chełmiński region. It was the first capital of the Bishopric of chełmińskiego and notable events took place here. Today it is still possibile to find traces of these in the holy cathedral of Saint Trójcy, which is one of the most impressive gothic churches in Poland.


Its location at the lake and its antiques are some of the assets of Chełmża. A lively local network is providing services. It exists of the municipality, institutions, banks, the post, telecommunication networks, health services, police, fire guard and commercial networks a centre of local services.


Many sectors represented in the industry, which consists of construction work, the production of wood into furniture, accessories, window frames, artificial products and the manufacture of nutritives. The biggest and oldest plant is the sugar factory, which is one of the biggest plants of this type in Europe.


Tourism is well developed over the 300 hectare lake of Chełmżyńskim. There are three tourist roads going through Chełmża. They lead to the centre, where it is possible to visit the XIIth century church. The location of the city is in an arms length of Toruń, the city of Nicholas Copernicus. The closeness allows an excursion to the city, and to admire the rich gothic old town.




URZĄD MIASTA (Municipality of Chełmża)
Burmistrz mgr Jerzy Czerwiński
ul. Hallera 2, 87 - 140 Chełmża
tel: + 48 (0-56) 675-22-91
fax: +48 (0-56) 675-21-22

  • autor: merle&michał, data: 2020-12-01

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